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How to Re-train AI model

This page explains how to re-train the AI model of AI Applications using RZ/V AI Transfer Learning Tool.

Supported version: RZ/V2L AI Applications v2.10


RZ/V AI Transfer Learning Tool can re-train AI model used in AI Applications with different datasets.
RZ/V TLT overview

Obtain RZ/V AI Transfer Learning Tool

RZ/V AI Transfer Learning Tool is recommended to be linked with e2 studio for RZ Family.
To download and install the tool, see AI Navigator Quick Start Guide.


RZ/V AI Transfer Learning Tool supports the following Functions of AI Applications.
  • Q01_footfall_counter
  • Q03_smart_parking
  • Q04_fish_classification
  • Q06_expiry_date_detection
  • Q07_plant_disease_classification
  • Q08_object_counter
  • Q09_crack_segmentation