The best solution for
starting your AI applications.

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AI Applications and AI SDK
on RZ/V series

The best solution for starting your AI applications.

AI Applications and AI SDK are quick and easy solutions for starting AI.
It provides various AI applications for free.

AI Application and AI SDK overview

What's new

This web page contains information about AI Applications and AI SDK v3.00, which is not the latest version.
Users are recommended to use the latest version in the following URL.

Getting Started

Renesas RZ/V AI Software Development Kit (AI SDK) is the most comprehensive solution for building end-to-end accelerated AI applications. AI SDK includes Yocto Linux with bootloader, Linux Kernel, Cross Compiler and a complete set of libraries for DRP-AI, graphics and codec.

Getting Started is a complete guide to learn how to run AI Applications, which explains the procedure for setting up the development environment, compiling AI Applications, setting up the board and running AI Applications.

Get your target board now and GET STARTED.
Tutorial video will help you understand better.
Get Started

AI Applications

AI Applications provides the source code, pre-build application binary and pre-trained AI model objects,
which allow you to select the application from various use cases, and run it on the board immediately.
To see the overview about AI Applications, please refer to About AI Applications page.

Choose the category of applications.


With the demo binary, users can try the AI Applications without having AI SDK environment.
Download the Demo and refer to How to Use Guide for more details.

Download RZ/V2L EVK Demo

  1. Demo is based on AI Applications v2.10 and RZ/V2L AI SDK v2.10.
  2. Demo zip filesize is around 3.4GB.
  3. Demo zip file is created using the evaluation version of RZ/V2L Graphics Library and Codecs Library, which has a limitation that system stops runinng after around 10 hours.


Training video


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Check Out the New Features in AI Applications v2.00!
To facilitate the tedious task of designing AI solutions from scratch, Renesas proposes RZ/V MPU AI Apps, AI applications that can be easily implemented without AI training.
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