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How to Re-train AI model

This page explains how to re-train the AI model of AI Applications using RZ/V AI Transfer Learning Tool.

Supported version: RZ/V2L AI Applications v2.10


RZ/V AI Transfer Learning Tool can re-train AI model used in AI Applications with different datasets.
RZ/V TLT overview

Obtain RZ/V AI Transfer Learning Tool

RZ/V AI Transfer Learning Tool is recommended to be linked with e2studio for RZ Family.
To use this tool, please download the January 22, 2024 release version of e2studio Linux from the URL below.


RZ/V AI Transfer Learning Tool supports the following Functions of AI Applications.
  • Q01_footfall_counter
  • Q03_smart_parking
  • Q04_fish_classification
  • Q06_expiry_date_detection
  • Q07_plant_disease_classification
  • Q08_object_counter
  • Q09_crack_segmentation